i Master Life is a hub for people who are serious about developing Life Mastery.


The following are the areas of excellence we encompass:

1) Publisher
Publishing high caliber materials via ebooks, paperback books, audio books, cd’s and more.

i Master Life Publishing publishes materials that are enlightening, uplifting and will enable people to get closer to reaching their higher selves when applying the concepts delivered.

i Master Life Publishing is the actualization of a life long dream from Marc Shamus who has striven for 4 decades to provide value and service to others via useful knowledge.

The hope is that those who embark on receiving this content will make worthwhile use of it. Today is your day to rise to become the best you possible.

Check out our published work and find yourself something good to buy that will enhance your life right now.

2) i Master Life University
Online Virtual Learning Environment to disseminate the very best knowledge to premium students.

3) Powerful Ideas Blog 
Our inspiring blog created to enrich and empower people. Our hope is to stimulate as many revelation experiences as possible.

4) Beyond the Words Blog 
Our behind the scenes blog created to supplement your yearning to know more about the creation process of many of our publications.


Please feel free to Contact Us if there is anything we can do to be of service to you.