I Would If I Could: But I Cant So I Wont

The biography book “I Would If I Could: But I Cant So I Wont” is the brief life background story of Rosalind Menter. so one can learn how the Country Song “I Would If I Could” came to be. The book fills in so many gaps that are impossible otherwise in a CD.

This book is a great supplement to the CD in so many ways, especially since the sheet music of the song including written lyrics can be read. Also, this publication serves as a way fro Rosalind to thank many dear close people who have been significant to her over the years in many ways.

Marc Shamus (her nephew) wanted to finish telling his favorite aunt’s story, so this book was the best solution to make this possible. Obviously, there is only so much one can do on a compact disc.

Below is the song writer and singer Rosalind Menter holding up her very own copy of the Book.

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