Starting A New Life Full Of Encouragement

It takes a big heart to help people when they are down and hurting. If one of the biggest challenges faced by these people is being a victim of abuse, that can make their life miserable.

Dayssy Davila has been an extraordinary soul whose mission has been to love and heal women in this exact position. She founded a non-profit called Family Law Community Organization.

One year ago, I (Marc Shamus) was talking to her about various topics relating to her non-profit when I posed her a very thought provoking question. I inquired,

What do you do to reach out and help the women that are not ready to receive services from your non-profit yet?

Dayssy spent a moment in her thoughts and then answered with a question right back. She replied,

What do you think would be a good solution that would assist the most women?

I already knew the answer and responded,

Dayssy, you really should write a book which provides your experiences and can give inspiration and strategies to women going through abuse. This way, once they are ready to accept the help you offer, then perhaps they are already starting to pursue a positive life path for themselves also.

I could see this idea really struck a chord in her and she said she want to make a big difference in the lives of as many hurt women as possible.

Dayssy started to put in the time to write down her ideas and then type them up in her favorite word processor program. After a few months, she had sent me over her rough draft to look through.

I spent a few weeks scouring through the material and loved much of the direction the book was heading in. I sent her back the rough draft with many ideas how to expand on her initial draft.

When Dayssy sent me her next draft, it was very amazing, as it was more than double the size of the original version. She really took to heart the creation of a book that would help women.

At the time she sent me back this next version, I was very preoccupied with my time much of each week giving ride shares with Uber and Lift, so I could only devote a handful of hours each week to work on editing.

It went slow on my end this time around, as it seemed I was really tired each week after driving 56 hours out of town in the Los Angeles area. In the limited time I had, I devoted what I could to her book.

Finally, at the end of April of 2017, after many months, I was finished with all of the editing and just needed to format the book. This is the magic part, where special finishing touches are added.

The book was ready to be released as early as the beginning of May, 2017. Dayssy, however, was out of town on business for a few weeks and needed time to prepare for the launch of her book.

By the time we found a mutual date to launch the digital and paperback versions of the book, it was set up for the middle of June, 2017.

Below is the writer Dayssy Davila holding up her very own paperback copy of her book “Starting a New Life Full of Encouragement“.


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