But Are You Making Any Money
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Illustrator: Marc Shamus
ISBN: 9781945719066

Don't let income earning traps stop you from creating the lifestyle and retirement you deserve.

About the Book

Are You Really Making Enough Money for Retirement?

So many paths to create income; each with their own challenging obstacles to overcome to reach success. I cover my experiences and knowledge with 12 major Income Paths. Discover the challenges and solutions for each.

Don’t struggle to create your financial success. Escape being stuck with only making a living. Push away your fears about experiencing a stressful, financially strapped retirement. Secure the Income you need for creating an amazing lifestyle now as well as a comfortable retirement later on.

Learn About My Experience and Views on the following 12 Income Paths. Create ways to win and get this book.

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About the Author
Marc Shamus

Marc Shamus is the Author of Always Do Your Best and But Are You Making Any Money, among others. He is the Illustrator and Editor of The Story of Goo (children’s book ) as well as the Editor of 50 Recipes – The Collection(health recipes series).

He lives in Fontana, California with his wife Silvia and 5 Children. Marc has a background as an entrepreneur. He loves educating and inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.

Learn more about Marc at marcshamus.com

Learn more about Marc’s Publishing Company at iMasterLife.com

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