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Genres: Biography, Books, Coming Soon, Non-Fiction, Personal Development, Personal Success
Publisher: i Master Life Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Illustrator: Marc Shamus

Releasing by 1st Week of February 2018
Face your problems head on.

About the Book

Learn Life Lessons from World War II Hero and Highest Judo Blackbelt Recipient Dr Sachio Ashida

Be the Grasshopper and drink from the cup of his knowledge.

He was my Sensei 先生 over a 3 year period and passed on rare pearls of wisdom to me.

Now the imparted lectures I received from him can be part of your life mastery journey.

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About the Author
Marc Shamus

Marc Shamus is the Author of Always Do Your Best and But Are You Making Any Money, among others. He is the Illustrator and Editor of The Story of Goo (children’s book ) as well as the Editor of 50 Recipes – The Collection(health recipes series).

He lives in Fontana, California with his wife Silvia and 5 Children. Marc has a background as an entrepreneur. He loves educating and inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.

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