I Would If I Could: But I Can’t So I Won’t
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Genres: Autobiography, Biography, Country, Featured
Publisher: i Master Life Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Illustrator: Marc Shamus
ISBN: 9781945719028

Every life has a dream, a struggle and a victory. Rosalind Menter felt she would never have her dreams, yet did not know how they would turn true. In triumph, she did achieve them. This is the story behind part of her true life and how the song "I Would If I Could" came to be.

About the Book

Powerful Biographic of Rosalind Menter

This book is the full details behind the scenes of the song: “I WOULD IF I COULD”. This song is based on a fictitious story about a married couple and the fancy car that gets in between their marriage at times.

The story is heavily inspired by the real life relationship and events that surrounded Roz Menter’s mother Eva Mickelson and her father Harold Mickelson.

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About the Author
Marc Shamus

Marc Shamus is the Author of Always Do Your Best and But Are You Making Any Money, among others. He is the Illustrator and Editor of The Story of Goo (children’s book ) as well as the Editor of 50 Recipes – The Collection(health recipes series).

He lives in Fontana, California with his wife Silvia and 5 Children. Marc has a background as an entrepreneur. He loves educating and inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.

Learn more about Marc at marcshamus.com

Learn more about Marc’s Publishing Company at iMasterLife.com

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