I Would If I Could
$9.99Audiobook: $2.99
Publisher: i Master Life Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Illustrator: Marc Shamus

What happens when a man has a long-term affair and the wife knows about it and gets very jealous. What if the other woman was actually not a woman at all, but a car? How will the wife handle this situation. Listen and find out.

About the Book

I Would If I Could is a song based on a fictitious story about a married couple and the fancy car that gets in between their marriage at times. The story is heavily inspired by the real life relationship and events that surrounded Roz Menter’s mother Eva Mickelson and her father Harold Mickelson. This album also contains an interview with Rosalind Menter to discuss her background and the making of this song.

About the Author
Rosalind Menter

Rosalind Menter (1940 – Present) is the Author of The Story of Goo. Rosalind is also the writer and singer of the country song on the same titled album, I Would If I Could. She was born in Syracuse, N.Y.

Being the Middle sibling of 3 children during the end years of the depression period, she learned early to develop a strong imagination as there was not much to go around during her young years. This skill has come in handy her whole life as witnessed by the success of her “Have Puppets Will Travel” Puppetry as well as sweepstakes contests she has won through her life for her imaginative writing abilities.

Rosalind is a humble woman who is proud of her 2 daughters and their families including her 1 grand-daughter. She enjoys herbal teas, reminiscing about the past as well as telling of stories she is so fond of.

Rosalind is a friend to all and has a big heart. She also spends time in a voluntary singing group which spreads good cheer to people. She is a giver that adds value to the world. Simple things can make her very happy including having people take interest in her writing.

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