Starting a New Life Full of Encouragement
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Genres: Books, Featured, Personal Development, Personal Success
Tag: Dayssy Davila
Publisher: i Master Life Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Illustrator: Marc Shamus
ISBN: 9781945719011

Live the life you deserve without the pain or guilt.

About the Book

Abuse from relationships can cause both physical and emotional pain. You do not need to feel bad any longer or continue to be a victim of abuse. Break free and transform your life into something new and beautiful. This book will help you to create the new life you dream of that is full of encouragement and joy.

About the Author
Dayssy Davila

Dayssy Davila is the Author of the Starting a New Life Full of Encouragement.

She is an Ecuador born female entrepreneur and CEO/President for a non-profit organization, Family Law Community, which is helping and assisting victims of Domestic Violence.

Learn more about Dayssy’s non-profit organization at:

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